• ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • Django
  • CoffeeScript
  • SASS
  • SQL


Newsela enables K-12 students to read news articles at their appropriate reading level. It helps teachers track their reading through the use of quizzes, annotations, and actionable insights.

Role: I was a consultant at Newsela.

Technologies and Platforms: Python, Django, AngularJS, ReactJS, Redux, PostgreSQL, SQL, coffeescript, sass, html



Teacher Binder

The teacher binder enables teachers to view their student activity. The project dealt with helping create a consistent ReactJS architecture and work on the Activity and Students tabs. Reusable components were created for displaying tables and an activity stream.

Technologies: reactjs, redux, redux-saga, reselect, cssmodules, es6, babel, webpack, sass, django.

The Student Tab.
The Student Tab with an expanded student to show the student activity.
The Work Tab reusing the table component.
The Activity Tab reusing the activity component.

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School Summary

The School Summary page enables users of different types to view a brief synopsis of their school. The project entailed creating highly flexible code that could be reused for school administrators, teachers, and anonymous users in different parts of the application. Data access was limited with proper API definitions so that not all information was accessible to all users.

Technologies: angularjs, coffeescript, django, sass, SQL.

Finding a school.
Logged out user graph view.
Login Modal and Logged in user graph view.
Additional logged out user article data and Pro school veil.

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About Pro

The About Pro was a redesign and update of the old About Pro page.

Technologies: angularjs, html, sass.

Unlock the Written Word and Unlock Curiousity sections.
Unlock Progress and single quote sections.
Unlock Results and double quote sections.
Unlock Connections and Content Providers sections.

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Voting Polls

The Voting Polls page allows students to vote on election primaries. On the polls list page, the user can scroll through and filter upcoming and past polls and see current results on the sidebar.

Technologies: angularjs, coffeescript, django, sass.

The polls list with current results.
Results of a poll as a logged out user.

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